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Welcome Family and Friends!


This website is meant to augment our family tree information on and at  While those sites are great for giving vital statistics for each member of our extended family, showing how far back we can trace our ancestors and sharing the latest information about our ever-changing family, they don’t provide a convenient place to present the family stories that we have collected over the past 30-odd years of research or detailed information about our ancestors.  This site will never be “complete” because we are constantly finding more information and distant relatives, but we want to present what we have in order to inform and inspire our relatives and friends. On various pages of this website we will list references that we have used and sources we have on hand which have given us the knowledge that we hope to share with everyone who has an interest.  We may not be able to present all of the facts here but we want to make people aware of what we know in hopes that someone who may have additional information will share it with us to add to our already large store.  Also, knowing that no work like this can be without mistakes, we hope that if someone sees an error, he or she will contact us to discuss it rather than grumble that we’ve posted something incorrectly.


When we have late-breaking news or important announcements, we’ll put it on this front page.  The other pages will be devoted to different branches of the family or special topics or projects that we would like to undertake.


No one benefits when information is hoarded or kept secret.  We couldn’t have discovered half of this information without the assistance of many family members, friends and helpful acquaintances.  So, without further ado, please peruse our site!

A word from your site manager:


Since the first anniversary of the launch of this website is fast approaching, I am trying to fill those pages that contain only  a title, a single photograph or a text box that reads, “insert family history here”.  There is plenty of information to fill this site but, sadly, not always the time or talent to do it well.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and your suggestions welcomed (if not always utilized).


This endeavor is a long term one and I ask your patience as I enlarge and improve it.


Martin K. Lison

Although additions to this website have been few and far between lately, I’ve decided to add an additional page that details what changes and additions have been made.  Check there first to see if any information of particular interest to you has been added.  CLICK HERE

What's New?

Although not always 100% correct, obituaries are often a rich source of genealogical information.  Check this page to see if we have a copy of your relative’s  obituary or offer a copy to add to our collection.

Martin wearing Bavarian/Austrian Trachten. Slovak kroj (folk costume) to follow.



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